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HaitiMyWay Relief Foundation is a charitable foundation dedicated as a voice of the Haitian people for systematic change. HaitiMyWay, through an active integration and engagement of its members and sustainers, advocates for a recognition of the contribution of the Haitian citizens brought in for the success of the great democracy and freedom that people around the world are now enjoying.
Concurrently, HaitiMyWay denounces the everyday misery and mistreatment that Haitians are being subject to. Also, HaitiMyWay strongly believes that Haitians deserve better around the world, and efforts must be made inside and outside of Haiti to:
  1. Successfully achieve long-term changes that will bring productivities and development in the Haitian communities .
  2. Gradually create a worldwide awareness and appreciation for the valor of the Haitian people in the society.


Our MISSION is to help promote and re-build Haiti, mainly in the area of Duverger d'Aquin, through education and recreation with an active integration and engagement of individuals living locally and abroad, especially those of the Haitian communities in the US.


    WE AIM

      • HaitiMyWay is reminding the world that Haiti, together with the majority of Haitians, was not always poor but was impoverished under international exploitation. HaitiMyWay is also reminding the world that Haiti was really beautiful and, it continues to be despite years of numerous challenges.
        HaitiMyWay is encouraging emerging talents in the Haitian communities to make every Haitian feel at peace with himself, self-sustained and to continue to positively contribute in the well being of the society in general

      • Despite Haitian forefathers were basically enslaved until 1804 for over 300 hundred years. Despite Haitians have been freed from unfairly established physical exploitation by metropoles, Haiti continues to be neglected, impoverished on many other forms. In 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake which does not cease to create even more distress for the Haitians in this 21 century. So, in HaitiMyWay, we believe that we can't let such situations continue to prey on the genius and creative minds of the Haitian people. Today, We are helping the people to actively participate in the reconstruction of their country with an original touch and to create a better environment for future generations.
      • With quality education, We believe a lot of improvements can be made in many areas throughout Haiti. In our efforts we're providing:
        A.-Scholarships. See JJC Scholarship
        B.- School Supplies if necessary.

      • HaitiMyWay favorizes physical development through recreational activities. See theRootsFinders.

      • Even if Haiti was impoverished, in (HaitiMyWay), we believe Haiti can, must and will rise again if the people join hands. Nowadays with communication technology and social media, anyone can help us go far beyond our goals; In our goals you'll see the more details.
        We would like to remember your contributions and engagement. In fact, We have to. It is our determination to, the least, accomplish our mission with your help.

In conclusion, We ENVISION a Haiti where Haitians get quality education and live with dignity. In other words, we want to see a Haiti where the people who do not have enough money and resources to get a good schooling finally have a viable education, and also grow in all social/human dignity. We emphasize activities such as physical empowerment, academic & mental developments.

    Our strength relies, first, in our determination to work efficiently to differ from other institutions that are now poorly working in similar activities to our field of action, and, second, in the process we're using to efficiently achieve our goals.

      Our plan to achieve this vision includes fundraising, scholarships, financial and human resources contributions to schools, churches and other institutions that foster the development of these individuals; and the creation of a permanent institution called theRootFinders where members are called RootsFinder. In return, the RootsFinder(s) are required to work closely with HaitiMyWay Relief Foundation to help the next generations grow, develop in better living conditions. See our goals Here

We, in HaitiMyWay, are proactively seeking and developing partnerships with non-profit institutions, for-profit companies, public or private enterprises in the greater New-York area and throughout the world to achieve our vision. #HaitiProgress is Our Raison d'Etre.
Do remember that HAITIMYWAY welcomes people all around the globe who are willing to contribute.

Please, make time and take part in organizing, funding and helping moving forward toward a collective progress of the Haitian Community with HaitiMyWay.

Again, let's all get involved in the process. <\\> This invitation is expanded to anyone including Lawyers, Business-men, Journalists, Social Workers, Athletes, Designers, Students, Writers and so on... You are all welcome

According to American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Integration is the bringing of people of different racial or ethnic groups into unrestricted and equal association.

According to Collins English Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, An engagement is a promise, obligation, or other condition that binds.